History of Roper Mountain Baptist Church

     With a group of dedicated Christians, Roper Mountain Baptist Church was organized in the year 1871. In 1875 it is recorded that there were 59 members and the pastor was the Rev. C. P. Mayfield. The origin of the church came from a Union Sabbath School, which had for some time been carried on by all denominations. The first services were held under a Brush Arbor near where the church stands now.     

     The church voted to join the Greenville Baptist Association on July 6, 1878. The messengers at that time were Willis N. Taylor and Jon H. Vaughn.

     The church moved to its’ present location in 1883. The property was purchased from Joseph N. Chandler, for the sum of $40.00 for two acres. The original building was later raised and rebuilt with the final section of the building being replaced 1964.

     On April 23, 1944, upon recommendation of the Pulpit Committee the church extended a call to Rev. Troy Godwin to be its pastor. In Mat of 1945, Rev. Godwin submitted his resignation to accept the call of the Jordan Street Baptist Church in Greenwood, South Carolina.

     In 1947, the church took action to build the present auditorium with Sunday School rooms in the basement section. Dedication for this building was held on Sunday, May 8, 1949, with Rev. Troy Godwin preaching the dedication sermon.

     In December, 1947, the church voted to build a parsonage next to the sanctuary.

     On March 23, 1952, Roper Mountain Baptist Church and Laurel Baptist Church, united their efforts and established a mission Sunday School in the Airport area. This mission school is now the present Airport Baptist Church.

     On July 30, 1952, the church extended the call to Rev. Troy Godwin to again serve as pastor. In 1954, three acres of land was purchased from Mrs. Lettie King. On November 12, 1961, the church elected to build the present activities building and dedicated it on November 25, 1962, in memory of Miss Mary Green.

     The church voted to build the Educational Building on July 7, 1963, using the plans of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Renovation of the sanctuary was completed along with the Education Building on March 9, 1964.

     In November 1, 1970, the church voted to proceed with the construction of the gym. It is noted that special emphasis is to be placed on promoting Sunday School and would be used only Monday through Saturday.

     On January 31, 1973, the church bought three acres of adjoin property from Mrs. Lettie King at a cost of $10,000.

     On March 31, 1975, the church held its first sunrise service – a joint service with other area churches.

     In September of 2008, during a special Homecoming, the church held a dedication service for its new sanctuary. It service was attended by many of the Carpenters for Christ who helped with the construction of the building.

     In 2009, the church voted  to let the Romanian Bible Baptist Church to use its old sanctuary.